Bill Payments and Recharges

Utility Bill payments such as Electricity, Water or Phone bills can be paid using the Novopay Payments system whether in a Retail outlet in an assisted mode or by an end consumer using a consumer app. Mobile recharges as well as DTH and data card recharges are also supported in the Novopay payments platform using the BBPS - Bharat Bill Pay Service.

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BBPS Compliant
Novopay’s Bill payments module is BBPS - Bharat Bill Payment System - Compliant. BBPS is a national standard on how bills are presented and paid electronically across a large number of billers/merchants.
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Types of Billers and Bills
There are various types of billers that are supported such as Telecom, Electricity, Water, Telephone, DTH and Data Card providers. Bill presentment is also supported besides bill payments.
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Bill Presentment
Bill Presentment is the ability to electronically show a specific bill (say an electricity bill) to the customer for payment. The BBPS system supports bill presentment in a standard way.
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Recurring Bills
The Novopay bill payment system has the capability to setup recurring payments. A consumer can set limits within which a Electricity, Water, Telephone or Mobile bill gets automatically paid.